RFQ: Broadway Corridor Development Planning Advisory Services and Redevelopment of the USPS Property

Completed applications due on
Friday, February 9, 2018, 5 PM

Through the release of this RFQ, Prosper Portland takes a significant step forward toward the realization of an urban development project which will permanently change Portland’s downtown landscape, knit the city together, attract regional, national and international media attention, and catalyze significant private investments.

Short-listed respondents will be invited to provide presentations in a public forum on the evening of March 21, 2018. Additional information and instructions for the public forum will be provided to the short-listed respondents in advance.

For more information, please view Prosper’s website here.

Business Oregon Releases Five Year Strategic Plan

Business Oregon released a strategic plan that maps out priorities, strategies, and actions for the state of Oregon’s economic development agency over the next five years.

The plan identifies the most pressing economic development challenges confronting the state of Oregon, from both quantitative analysis and qualitative perspectives of stakeholders. The resulting priorities and strategies developed specifically address the shifting economic landscape, changing demographics, and unique strengths of Oregon’s industries, businesses, and entrepreneurs.

Priorities identified in the plan are:

  1. Innovate Oregon’s Economy
  2. Grow Small- and Middle-market Companies
  3. Cultivate Rural Economic Stability
  4. Advance Economic Opportunity for Underrepresented People
  5. Ensure an Inclusive, Transparent, and Fiscally Healthy Agency

To read the full report click here.

Greater Portland’s Training and Scholarship Applications Due on 12/15/17

Growing Small Businesses Globally

Greater Portland Inc expects to offer 15 scholarships to help cover training and travel expenses for entrepreneurs who want to be well prepared for international sales. As part of this program, Greater Portland will work with each firm to develop a customized program that meets the needs of each potential exporter preparing for international sales.

Program FAQs

Who can apply for this training scholarship?

Entrepreneurs interested in reaching new customers through international sales with an existing business in the Greater Portland region should complete the scholarship form. Sign up here.

What will I learn from export training?

This customized spectrum of services will offer you a range of export focused trainings. You only need to take the trainings that are relevant to you.  Trainings themes include export finance, lead prospecting, exporting and shipping, and market analysis.

What happens if I don’t complete a training?

We will only cover 50% of the cost of the training and advising you complete. If you don’t complete a training, we can’t reimburse you.

What if I already export to other international markets?

That’s fine. We’d still love to help you access a new market. Sign up.

Can I substitute training or course work from another service provider?

Yes, but we can only cover training costs when you work with one of our partners (Global Trade Center, SBDC, SBA, Business Oregon or U.S. Commercial Service) listed in the training passport book we give you.

Do I have to do the full Export Pathways training (all seven steps)?

Probably not. It depends upon what the export readiness assessment says. The export readiness assessment is the first step in the process, after you are notified of your scholarship.

How long does each training last?

It depends. Several are 2 hour one-one-one meetings. One is a 30 hour class. And one training option varies based upon how many scholarships we award.

Where does the training scholarship money come from?

Greater Portland Inc was awarded grant funding from the JP Morgan Chase Foundation and the Oregon Community Foundation.

How do I know if I’m a good candidate for this program?

If you’re interested in reaching new customers in international markets, you’re a good candidate for this export training scholarship.

Why is Greater Portland Inc organizing this program?

Greater Portland Inc is a public-private partnership working as a regional economic development entity. We want to see firms in the Portland metro region succeed by accessing new overseas markets – it’s good for the economy.

RFQ: Broadway Corridor Development Planning Advisory Services and Redevelopment of the USPS Property

Through the release of this RFQ, Prosper Portland takes a significant step forward toward the realization of an urban development project which will permanently change Portland’s downtown landscape, knit the city together, attract regional, national and international media attention, and catalyze significant private investments.

An optional informational pre-proposal meeting will be held at the office of Prosper Portland on December 6, 2017 from 1:00 – 3:00 PM. Contact Sarah Harpole if you are interested in attending.

Short-listed respondents will be invited to provide presentations in a public forum on the evening of February 27, 2018. Additional information and instructions for the public forum will be provided to the short-listed respondents in advance.
Closes: Friday, January 19, 2018, 5 PM

RFQ Prosper Portland for On Call Engineering Services

Through this Request for Qualifications (RFQ), Prosper Portland is requesting statements of qualifications for the provision of Engineering Services  to be provided on an as-needed basis. Prosper Portland may award one or more contracts from this RFQ.

Please direct all questions about this solicitation to Kristy Branson at 503-823-3688, bransonk@prosperportland.us

or Breanna Rodriquez at 503-823-3199, rodriquezb@prosperportland.us

Closes: Tuesday, December 19, 2017, 2 PM


Ecotrust invites American Indian community members who are either currently enrolled students, recent graduates, or have commensurate work experience to apply for the 2017-2018 Ecotrust Indigenous Fellowship opportunity.

Ecotrust holds a deep commitment to equity and diversity as core principles integral to the work we do. As we add new members across all levels of the organization, we seek diverse perspectives that will add richness to our evolving organization and networks.


During a 4 to 6-month time period, the Fellow will participate in a career development experience that aligns with one or more of Ecotrust’s program (Forestry, Food & Farms, Fisheries, Knowledge Systems) and/or functional teams (Communications, Finance/Operations, Development) based on the Fellow’s academic background and professional interests. They will have an opportunity to work with Ecotrust to catalyze a shift toward more resilient communities, economies, and ecosystems. The program will support the Fellow to participate through either a current project at Ecotrust (see examples below) or an Ecotrust-aligned project initiated by the Fellow. If you are interested in conducting an independent project, please write a brief description or project proposal and attach it with your application.

The Fellow will be supported and mentored throughout the program by an Ecotrust Program Director and the Fellowship Program Coordinator in activities such as developing a work plan, technical assistance, project-related questions and approaches, and the Fellow’s professional development and career goals.

Possible projects:

  • Green Workforce Development. The Green Workforce Collaborative (GWC), which includes Ecotrust and several community partners, identifies and develops job opportunities and career pathways in environmental fields for young Black and Native American adults in the greater Portland metropolitan area, focusing on four major industries: Deconstruction, Recycling/Waste Management, Green Infrastructure/Urban Forestry, and Food Systems. The Fellow will help liaise with the Native community, recruit participants, support curriculum design, and instruct/mentor participants.
  • The Redd, an initiative of Ecotrust, is a working hub for the regional food system to create a different kind of food economy. The Redd supports five anchor tenants who operate out of each space in the building (3 production kitchens, one office, a warehouse with frozen and cold storage and a co-working office upstairs). Each anchor tenant subleases out to 80+ subtenants who use the space in various forms (from storage to production to office and distribution). The Fellow would gather, track and report data from The Redd that revolves around job creation, environmental stewardship, human health, and equitable food access and work with Redd Operations Manager to formalize a Redd Metrics Reporting structure and system to implement on a regular basis.
  • Alaska Native app development. In partnership with the Hoonah Native Forest Partnership in SE Alaska, Ecotrust developed a mobile web-based tool for communication, collaboration, and interaction between landowners/managers and the community of Hoonah to collaborate on decisions about land and watershed management. The Fellow would serve as a community liaison to build the tool’s user base. The liaison will champion the tool and promote its use while providing critical feedback for iterating and improving it.
  • Fisheries Program Development in Alaska. Ecotrust is currently in the process of revitalizing both its fisheries program and Alaska-focused efforts with the hiring of a new Fisheries Program Director based in Anchorage. The Fellow would work hand-in-hand with the Fisheries Program Director to assess the landscape and develop partnerships with fishing organizations, Tribes, scientists, fishery managers and other stakeholders who can help inform the direction of the program. Areas for consideration include ownership/access to fisheries, climate change and fisheries, innovative seafood marketing opportunities (i.e. food hubs and community supported fisheries), underutilized or abandoned fishing gear, and seafood processing infrastructure.
  • Tribal Forestry: Local and Regional Economic and Workforce Development. Ecotrust’s Forests & Ecosystem Service’s team is working in partnership with the Swinomish Indian Tribal Community to begin ecological forest management in diverse forest conditions across the Swinomish Reservation. Potential Fellow activities could be tailored based on experience and interest to include, for example: scoping of a program to meet local firewood needs entirely for Swinomish forestland; participation in planning, outreach, and engagement for FireWise community activities; exploration of the potential for apprenticeship and work-study options to train and recruit the next generation of tribal forest stewards; or field-based involvement in forest operations, inventory, and monitoring activities. A broader project in collaboration with the Affiliated Tribes of Northwest Indians and Intertribal Timber Council is also an option researching the needs and opportunities for regional workforce development in tribal natural resource management.

How To Apply:

Complete an Ecotrust Employment Application form (available above as a PDF or Word DOC) and forward with a cover letter (1 page maximum) and resume to:  with this position’s title in the subject line by close of business on the day of the application deadline listed above. Your cover letter should clearly explain how your skills, experience, and interests fit this position.

Additional Information:

The base salary for the Fellowship is contingent on the duration of the project, however salary range will be between $3,000 and $3,500 per month. Travel funds up to $3,000 will be provided for the Fellow’s professional development, such as conferences and meetings or other events and trainings related to specific project work and/or subject matter.

This is a full-time position. Ecotrust offers a full benefits package including medical and dental insurance, retirement plan, life insurance, and disability coverage.

Cowlitz Holiday Market

Holiday Market

Faculty Position open for PSU Indigenous Nations Studies Program

We invite associate and full-tenured faculty who specialize in Indigenous or American Indian/Alaska Native Studies and related fields to shepherd our INST academic program. We’re looking for individuals with experience in a few key areas:

  • Scholarly achievement in Indigenous and related studies
  • Successful oversight of educational programs
  • Experience working successfully with students, faculty, administrators and community members from a diversity of cultural and economic backgrounds


Portland State’s INST program has flourished under the leadership of Dr. Cornel Pewewardy, who recently retired. The new Director will oversee the program while providing vision to our academic and community-based mission.


Please: help us in our search by forwarding this email to your colleagues, friends and relatives.


P.S. Application reviews begin November 20, 2017




Food Service Commercial Gas Equipment Bonus for Oregon Customers

Staying competitive means businesses of all sizes need to look for ways to stretch every dollar. Improving the energy efficiency of your facility and operations is one important way you can lower operating costs and save money, while enhancing employee and customer comfort. Energy Trust of Oregon offers incentives to help reduce your upfront costs and make energy-efficiency upgrades more affordable. And because bill savings often pay for the improvements in just a few years, you may achieve a faster return on your investment. Plus, by installing upgrades that reduce energy use, you can continue to save energy and money down the road.

  • This bonus is limited to Oregon State gas customers of Cascade Natural Gas, Northwest Natural and Avista only. This does not apply to sales in SW Washington. However, regular incentives still apply to our Northwest Natural customers.
  • This bonus is available for all commercial facilities with natural gas from Cascade Natural gas, Northwest Natural or Avista.
  • Applications need to be received by December 31, 2017 to receive the bonus incentive. If they are received after that date, they may not receive the bonus, but would be eligible for the standard incentive levels. Applications can be submitted electronically or by fax for expediency.
  • The date on the Invoice needs to be between October 18, 2017 and December 31, 2017.


Upgrade Now and Save Even More

ENERGY STAR EQUIPMENT Estimated Average Savings Standard Incentive Bonus Incentive
Gas Convection Oven (Full Size) 302 therms each $600 each oven $400 each oven
Gas Combination Oven 290 therms each $750 each oven $250 each oven
Gas Fryer 569 therms/vat $800/vat $300/vat
Gas Steam Cooker 1,308 therms each $2,600 each $900 each


Quick Checklist for a completed application with links:

  1. 120P Incentive Application Form: Completely filled out with signature typed or signed (Click for 120P)
  2. W-9: This is the most commonly forgotten piece. (Click for W9)
  3. Itemized Invoice: For the qualified equipment, including model numbers.
  4. Copy of site location gas bill

For more information, please visit the Energy Trust Commercial website, located here.

My People’s Market by Travel Portland, Prosper Portland, and Partners in Diversity


Support and network with Portland’s entrepreneurs of color at My People’s Market, a vibrant gathering of nearly 100 local multicultural vendors! Head to The Redd at Ecotrust on Nov. 9 to meet, network and experience dozens of multicultural vendors — all while enjoying free live music, artwork and food.

My People’s Market showcases the local entrepreneurial community’s commitment to equity and inclusion. A collaborative event between Travel Portland, Partners in Diversity and Prosper Portland, My People’s Market is aimed to advance opportunities for business owners of color, connecting them with the travel industry and other professionals who can help to expand and scale their businesses. This event is one of a series of connection opportunities for the Mercatus platform and Inclusive Business Resource Network of Prosper Portland.

Support Portland’s multicultural community and enjoy an evening of networking, shopping and fun!

***Interested in sponsoring My People’s Market? Learn more here.