Multnomah County College to County Mentorship Program

the Multnomah County College to County Mentorship Program is offering two  Portland -based summer internships  to upper-level or graduate students in architecture, civil engineering and construction management.

This is a fabulous opportunity to work in the design phase for two capital building projects and to develop valuable relationships with staff and contractors.  The positions are being offered at a rate of $21.38/hr for 20-40 hours/weekly.
I’m reaching out hoping you know of students of architecture and/or the other  named fields who are interested in applying.  The Office of Diversity and Equity College to County Mentorship Program’s only recruitment priority is students from underrepresented communities or low-income family backgrounds. Please do not send to a broader list serve.
If you do, please forward this email which includes the position description and the web application link.  The name of the position on the application is FPM Project Management Service Intern.  This is the only one they can apply for.
Application responses cannot be saved so I advise applicants to word process answers in advance and paste them into the application form.  The job description and questions are in the application instructions. The application deadline isApril 22, 2016.