2019 Coaching UNconference in Portland


Your exclusive invitation to attend the 2019 Coaching UnConference in Portland, OR.

WHO: The Coaching UnConference is designed for those who are Professional Coaches, those who seek to work with Professional Coaches, and those who are interested in becoming Professional Coaches. This is an unprecedented opportunity to teach, to learn, and to collaborate with the brightest minds in the coaching community.

WHAT: A relaxed yet focused and productive format that allows you to interact with peers, to share stories and successes, float ideas, network, catch up with old friends, and forge new relationships.

WHY: We call it the UnConference for a reason. If you have ever been to a business event that was UnProductive, UnFun, and UnCool, we feel you. So we designed this event to the total opposite. Fun. Cool. Productive. Inspiring. Relaxing. Invigorating. Why? Because YOU set the agenda for this conference: as a team, you will set the agenda for the conference – whether you are interested in improving your coaching skills, exploring a specific niche of coaching, or learning the business aspects of coaching, we have you covered. Interested in becoming a coach? Learn from the best here in one room, and connect with amazing coach trainers as well. Interested in working with a coach? Mingle and collaborate with the best coaches Portland offers, and discover the best fit for you.

WHEN: March 23, 2019
9:00 am to 3:00 pm

WHERE: NedSpace Broadway
707 SW Washington ST #1100 Portland, OR 97205

HOW: To reserve your spot now, click HERE

HOW MUCH: $65 ($85 at the door) – covers breakfast, an awesome lunch, and a whole lotta fun and inspiration.

WHAT NOW: Look for more details in the upcoming weeks – we will be in touch.

WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? Pull out your smartphone, block out March 25th, and REGISTER before your calendar fills with up with pesky meetings and due dates!

HOSTED BY: Portland’s very own Annie Weller. Annie has over 15 years experience as a serial “social-preneur” working with passionate and emerging leaders who look to create an exceptional life, business, and community. As a business and non-profit coach, author, founder of the Leadership Lab, she specializes in helping her clients create and sustain greater profitability and efficiency in their small businesses and nonprofits. Truly living the belief that everyone should have access to coaching, she runs several state-supported programs that offers quality coaching to the under-served communities throughout the Northwest.