Transportation as Liberation

Photo credit Ian J Whitmore

Transportation as Liberation

5:30-7:30pm Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Get ready to be informed and inspired during BBPDX’s 2019 transportation event taking place this year during Portland Design Week!

The evening will be a mix of networking, food, drink, interactive engagement, and a panel of transportation leaders including:
Hear big ideas about the regional design decisions that will affect our quality of life for decades to come.

Explore the role the business community plays in shaping transportation policy.

Imagine what an ideal transportation system would feel like.
Learn about specific local and regional government transportation policies.

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Tickets ($10 for BBPDX members/$35 for the general public) include a hosted bar and hors d’oeuvres. Covered bicycle parking will be available. Scholarships will be considered and we are still looking for a few good volunteers! Please email Wendy for details.
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If you aren’t a part of the Business for a Better Portlandcommunity of over 300 member businesses and organizations, you can find out more and join us here!