American Indian Day Celebration in Pioneer Square – 9/27/2019

For Immediate Release
Michelle Singer 971-282-4001
Chelsea Jensen 503-416-3275
Friday, September 27, 2019 – 12 PM to 7 PM
Pioneer Square – Downtown Portland, Oregon
701 SW 6th Avenue

Making the Invisible Visible

Portland’s Living Room to showcase Native American resilience through

community engagement

At the crossroads of downtown Portland where transit lines mix tourists and
local commuters on any given day, Pioneer Square will capture the attention
of hundreds of occasional onlookers at the 14th Annual “Dancing in the
Square” American Indian Day Celebration.

The event will draw a diverse background of Native
people who reside in urban and reservation
communities from across Oregon and SW
Washington with the Portland area home to a
rapidly growing native population – 16% in the last
10 years (US Census 2010) — tribal citizens
comprised from over 380 tribal affiliations.
The Northwest Portland Area Indian Health Board
(NPAIHB) hosts the free, open to the public event
to provide an educational opportunity primarily to
the general public who may have an interest about
Native Americans, but may not have the direct
access to engage the culture. This is one
The Celebration also serves as a native social
networking opportunity to promote Native cultural
pride, provide resource education, allow for arts &
craft entrepreneurship sales, and to highlight
community organizational partnerships.

12 pm Booths/Vendors Open
12 pm Guest Performance: Hueca Omeyocan Dancers
3 pm Opening Ceremonies
4-6 pm Inter-tribal & Tiny Tots (children)
Social (Round, Owl, Rabbit Dances)
Exhibition Dancing (Men/Women Traditional & Fancy)
630 pm Retire the Colors
The NPAIHB is a regional non-profit tribal organization serving the 43 federally
recognized Tribes in Idaho, Oregon and Washington with a mission to eliminate health
disparities and improve the quality of life of American Indians/Alaska Natives by
supporting Northwest Tribes in their delivery of culturally appropriate, high quality