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Organization Background

The Oregon Native American Chamber (ONAC) is a 501c3 organization serving Oregon and SW Washington to advance the economic and educational opportunities for Native Americans. 

Short Form Request for Proposal 

RFP: On-Demand Technical Assistance/ Professional Services Proposal Due By: 

Rolling – Opens September 21, 2020 – Ends December 01, 2020. T/A Service Program Ends December 31, 2020

Oregon Native American Chamber (ONAC)
Project Overview:

ONAC is seeking qualified applicants to provide technical assistance to individual entrepreneurs and small businesses in response to the COVID-19 pandemic and resulting economic crisis. 
This is an innovative technical assistance program that distributes federal CARES Act funds via a Business Oregon (OBDD) grant program to serve small businesses who face systemic barriers to success. 
The expanded technical assistance resources made possible through this fund are designated to reach groups identified in Governor Brown’s Equity Framework in COVID-19 Response and Recovery. This includes providing services to underserved, hard to reach, and rural communities, along with Native, Black, Indigenous & People of Color (BIPOC)- owned small businesses. 


The business technical assistance providers identified through this RFP will join ONAC as together they increase the resiliency of Native-owned small businesses in Oregon and as they continue to rebuild and respond to COVID-19’s impact. 
ONAC, through this funding, is increasing the number of Native-owned small businesses who are successfully reached, assessed and then paired with a contracted business technical assistance provider poised to address their specific needs. 
Services performed by ONAC and its contracted network of providers are culturally-specific or culturally competent and proactively meet the unique needs of Native- and BIPOC-owned small businesses in urban and rural Oregon. 

Project Goals:

Increased resiliency and recovery of small businesses impacted by COVID-19 through:

  • Increased number of Equity Framework businesses receiving specialized legal support
  • Increased number of Equity Framework businesses receiving specialized human resources support
  • Increased number of Equity Framework businesses receiving specialized accounting support and improved knowledge of personal and business financial management 
  • Increased number of Equity Framework businesses receiving web, e-commerce, and marketing support
  • Additional leveraged capital among Equity Framework businesses by increasing access to loans, grants and other financial assistance 
  • Increased number of Equity Framework businesses receiving mentoring, coaching and networking opportunities 
  • Increased number of Equity Framework businesses whose business plans, success plans and other needs are reviewed, screened and then addressed
  • Increased number of Equity Framework businesses who receive business technical assistance that is culturally competent or culturally specific
Scope of Work:

ONAC is seeking businesses and individuals who have a successful history of providing technical assistance to improve the resiliency and success of small businesses, particularly Equity Framework businesses. 
Technical assistance is defined broadly and includes marketing, human resource, legal, logistics planning, coaching and more that supports ONAC in meeting the above  Project Goals. This also includes support as businesses seek help navigating evolving COVID regulations regarding staffing, PPE, testing, reopening requirements and more. 
Interested and qualifying businesses or individuals who provide business technical assistance would be placed in ONAC’s database of providers. ONAC would then continue to conduct outreach and targeted marketing to apprise the community of these services. ONAC then assesses the needs of businesses on an ongoing basis and pairs them with a technical assistance provider or group of providers that can best meet their needs. 
Providers would operate “on call” and would be able to accept or refuse a proposed placement based on availability. 
Providers are responsible for tracking a variety of metrics on behalf of each business they support, as well as tracking hours and expenses for reimbursement. 

Evaluation Metrics and Criteria
Businesses and individuals seeking to qualify for inclusion in ONAC’s database of on-call technical assistance providers are evaluated based on: 

  • Ability to provide quality, timely, and responsive resolution of priority issue(s) facing the small business and as identified in the referral.
  • Experience providing similar services and subsequent results. 
  • Ability to report necessary information requested by ONAC in a timely manner to track small business assistance received. 
  • Cost effectiveness of services provided and/or costs are within generally accepted ranges for similar services. 
  • Ability to provide culturally competent or culturally responsive services. 
  • Availability and capacity to serve businesses within the project’s timeframe. 

The performance of providers (and their subsequent continued inclusion in the database) is evaluated on an ongoing basis through the following non-exhaustive criteria: 

  • Ability to provide metrics, intake forms and other reporting in a timely manner. 
  • Satisfaction surveys distributed to businesses participating in services. 
  • Ability to provide clear and accurate invoices and reimbursement requests in a timely manner. 
  • Ability to provide impactful services based on the number of businesses who successfully increase their resilience, growth, stability and/or capacity after receiving services. 
Submission Requirements

  • Ability to provide services within scope timeframe
  • Description of services provided
Project End Date: December 31, 2020

James Parker

Email:support@onacc.org Phone#: 503-894-4525