Commercial Water Efficiency Services | The City of Portland Water Bureau

The Water Bureau has a team who focus on providing support and services to Portland businesses that help reduce water use and their associated costs.

Commercial Water Efficiency Services:

On-site water-use assessments.

  • A water efficiency survey is an onsite assessment of a business’s water using equipment and processes which helps identify potential water saving opportunities.
  • A survey can help identify rebates or devices that would benefit water efficiency.

Onsite investigation of unexplained increases in water consumption.

  • An on-site water-use assessment that focuses on potential causes of high water use.
  • Leaks, malfunctioning equipment and other causes of high use are investigated.

Presentations relating to specific water efficiency improvements for different business types.

Provide multiyear water use history and analysis.

Flow Recording: temporary 24-hour monitoring of water use.

  • Helps quantify water use of specific equipment
  • Identifies unexpected or unintended water use
  • Reveals water use patterns

General advice and assistance over the phone and through email.

Rebates and or incentives available for water efficiency improvements.

  • Ice machine rebate
  • Toilet rebate
  • Irrigation controller/spray heads
  • Flexible incentive for unique projects

Water efficiency devices (at no cost)

  • Faucet aerators
  • Showerheads
  • Fill cycle diverters
  • Toilet leak dye tabs
  • Pre-rinse spray valve for commercial kitchens

For more information, contact:

Water Efficiency Services

Portland Water Bureau

Phone: (503) 823-4527