Public Hearings on Proposal to Reform Our Elections & Form of Government

Public Hearings on Proposal to Reform our elections & form of government

On March 31, 2022, the Charter Commission preliminarily agreed on a package of reforms to advance to voters. All 20 Charter Commission members supported the package, which would recommend three major changes:

  • Allowing voters to rank candidates in order of their preference, using ranked choice voting
  • Four new geographic districts with three members elected to represent each district, expanding the city council to a total of 12 members
  • A city council that focuses on setting policy and a mayor elected citywide to run the city’s day-to-day operations, with the help of a professional city administrator

The Commission will release the drafted charter amendment language on May 3, 2022, and then host a series of public hearings for community members to provide input on the proposed amendments. The Charter Commission will provide an educational presentation at the beginning of each public hearing on the proposed amendments and upcoming steps in the charter review process. The final amendment package will be voted on in June before official referral to the November ballot. For more information, visit:

Hearing’s information

The Charter Commission wants to hear from Portlanders! Community members will be given 3-minutes to share their thoughts. If you would like to give testimony, we ask that you sign-up in advanced using this FORM.

Interpretation: We will have Spanish, ASL, Somali, Russian, Chinese, and Vietnamese interpretation at our public hearings

Accommodations: If you need a disability, cultural, or other accommodation to fully participate, please contact Sofia Alvarez-Castro at or at 503-865-6818